In defence of MPs First Published 18 June 2016 Yes, too many MPs have behaved unethically, says former housing minister David Curry. But some do need two bases -unless we only want to be represented by people of independent wealth. Is there a case for the defence? Yes. Have MPsRead More →

One small step… First Published 10 March 2017 But hardly a giant leap. A Treasury paper on how to tempt institutional investors into private renting should be bolder, says Martin Partington The evolution of policy to enable the private rented sector to realise its full potential has been painfully slow.Read More →

In my Liverpool home First Published 15 September 2016 Ricky Tomlinson on how the city’s community spirit has gradually been eroded since his childhood in Halewood. I grew up in Liverpool, in a two-up, two-down council house. There were six of us with my parents and my three brothers. TheRead More →