How low can it go? First Published 18 February 2016 So much for 240,000 new homes a year. We’ll be lucky to build even 120,000, says Richard Donnell. This year, the building industry’s cuts in response to the economic downturn will result in the lowest level of home building sinceRead More →

Back Office: Now for the hard bit First Published 04 September 2016 If the HRA is to be dismantled, some serious compromises will be needed. It’s easier said than done. But the welcome government plan to dismantle the hugely complex Housing Revenue Account (HRA) system is do-able so long asRead More →

Dr Doom’s home guard First Published 29 September 2015 Vince Cable has the last laugh on ministers who dismissed his warnings Until a year ago it was a lonely business being a housing market doom-monger. The house price boom seemed unstoppable, and bold predictions that it might one day goRead More →

Tenant’s voice: Push off First Published 29 September 2015 Shoving low-income families into private renting will not ease worklessness, says Paul Ograe Shereen is a young mum with a boisterous and bright three-year-old son, Shaquone. She has been living in a two-bedroom private rented flat in west London for theRead More →