Share and share alike First Published 18 February 2016 In these straitened times, we can either degenerate into a more fractured society or work together and rediscover the benefits of community, says John Sentamu. I Today, we can either degenerate into a more introspective, frightened and desperate society where peopleRead More →

Watch this space First Published 18 November 2015 Ashley Horsey on the threats to a breakthrough in affordable housing finance Building new homes is the main solution to homelessness and poor housing. However, temporary to permanent initiatives can make an important contribution, creating mixed and sustainable communities in already establishedRead More →

Time to act First Published 29 September 2015 Action to halt the loss of affordable homes is long overdue, says Nick Clegg Official estimates that 45,000 families may have their homes repossessed this year and the growing fear that many others may slide into negative equity underline how big aRead More →

Minister’s questions First Published 01 March 2004 Can the minister guarantee that social housing grant won’t be diverted to home ownership schemes? How will private developers bidding for public money be regulated? Keith Hill has some answers LPW QUESTION: The real drop in new homes is in publicly funded housing.Read More →

Front line: Too well to stay First Published 04 September 2016 If you’re suffering from a fatal illness, better make sure it’s debilitating if you want to remain in the UK. Being a poverty lawyer means helping people, right? You’ve got to believe that. Otherwise you might go a bitRead More →