Self builds: The beginner’s guide

We’ve seen time and time again, first-time developers and builders fail to get past the first hurdle when it comes to property development.

Developing/building a property with little money

Self-building allows developers and builders to design, build and create a new home that can provide lucrative opportunities.

Self-builds don’t just mean you have to be onsite digging foundations and laying bricks all on your own.

There are many self-build routes that you can take that depend on your time, budget and skill set.

Regardless of the route you chose, the self-build process will require some strategic planning and thought to create a successful new build.

Find the right building plot

Tracking down the perfect site to build on can seem like a headache, but it’s not when you know where to look and you’ve completed your essential research.

There are numerous resources online to help, local Government websites, real estate agents and even using platforms like Rightmove can help you secure land.

Set realistic budgets

Make sure to always include a contingency of around 10% of your budget.

This will help you to stay on top of unexpected costs and will help you to overcome obstacles and avoid further delays.

Arrange finance

Funding your property project can be difficult, especially if you have limited funds.

Development finance is used to finance the land purchase as well as building costs, which provide first-time developers as well as experienced ones the room to grow.There have been countless times that builders have the means and skills necessary to complete the construction of high-quality properties, but have, however, been turned down by high street banks for funding.

Choosing an independent lender, like Hunter Finance can help you get your building project off the ground.

It can also provide you with a substantial return on investment.

Covering up to 60% of the GDV and up to 100% of the building costs.

There are no hidden fees and no delays.

Set deadlines

It’s important to know when you want your project to be completed by.

Setting a deadline will help keep you on track and working towards a goal.

Keeping organised and prioritising time management will help you complete your new build quickly and efficiently.

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