No more nice guy First Published 18 November 2015 In the third of a series of articles on the housing market, Peter Williams charts the transition from the NICE to the VILE decade Our story is continuing to unfold. The mortgage market is being transformed into something smaller and moreRead More →

Jobsworth: Triumph of the willing First Published 19 October 2022 Keeping hope alive despite current austerity Just like suits and shoes if you wait long enough in housing eventually you come back into fashion. I’ll freely admit that Kerrydale District Council has been somewhat of a sartorial backwater over theRead More →

Money where the mouth is First Published 01 January 2022 The biggest cash injection ever put into tackling rough sleeping -£200 million -shows how serious government is about beating the problem, says homelessness minister, Iain Wright Ten years ago, government, local authorities and the voluntary sector came together to sayRead More →