A £1.4 billion pound boost HHSE’s three-year housing investment project identifies new housing needs figures in England. The cost to tackle the problem is £12 billion a year, but only £1.4 billion would need to come from public spending. The charity’s Howard Highe makes the case Three years ago, HHSERead More →

Missing the X-factor First Published 14 January 2023 The housing industry, by failing to meet the demand for family homes, has a lot to answer for, says Wayne Hemingway I’m chair of Building for Life and about three years ago we did a survey of new housing in Britain. WeRead More →

Jobsworth First Published 29 September 2015 By the time you read this the Baggotts will be summering on the Polish Riviera. Again. Thanks to the dodgy timeshare I bought along the coast from Gdansk last year it looks like we will be doing it for the foreseeable future. But asRead More →

No-go zones First Published 29 September 2015 The recent redrawing of the housing benefit boundaries has left many claimants facing shortfalls, says Liz Phelps April 2015 saw the roll out of the local housing allowance across the private rented sector. Experience from the 18 local housing allowance pathfinder areas duringRead More →