The burning question First Published 20 October 2022 Local authority homelessness review officers have been scrutinising council decisions for more than a decade. But recent developments have put the future of homelessness rulings in doubt, says Steve Povey The number of people gathering outside the council’s homelessness department was reportedRead More →

Treading a tightrope First Published 01 January 2022 The fact that many working age people in social housing haven’t got a job means they are only a short step away from homelessness, says Kate Davies Local authorities are required to house homeless people and, as publicly funded bodies, housing associationsRead More →

Out of sight… First Published 29 September 2015 Large numbers of rough sleepers are being swept off the streets and into hiding - living in the rubbish chutes of council tower blocks, derelict garages in Hackney or behind the huge bins of a Westminster supermarket Fernando moves from one binRead More →