Protection racket First Published 01 May 2000 Pre-1988 protected tenants are facing huge rent increases as private landlords rush in to exploit a legal loophole. Karen Buck calls on the government to tackle the pofiteering now Today’s generation of private tenants rarely have the luxury of thinking of their accommodationRead More →

How we can save the planet First Published 14 January 2023 The Copenhagen summit focused on the impotence of politicians to reach agreement on the scale of action required to save our planet, Paul Ograe says There’s now a groundswell of opinion that we can’t afford to wait for politiciansRead More →

Glass conflict First Published 12 January 2023 David Cameron’s claim to understand poverty and his wish to ‘eradicate dependency’ seem wide of the mark, argues Danny Dorling For two years at Oxford, I overlapped with prominent Bullingdon club Conservatives. I was not in their set and didn’t see Boris JohnsonRead More →

Open season First Published 04 September 2022 A Court of Appeal ruling that housing associations can be considered public bodies could drive down evictions and expose them to scrutiny, says Chris Morris. The Court of Appeal has decided not only that the allocation and management of social housing is aRead More →