Finding and Fixing a Leaking Roof Are you noticing water stains on your walls and ceilings? The likely cause of this is because of a leaking roof, however finding where the leak is, is the hard part of the job. If you don’t fix the problem fast, bigger problems canRead More →

Being a part of the solution The need for recycling has never been greater, the UK alone produces over 100 million tonnes of waste per year. Combine this with its growing population and the shortage of landfill space and it is easy to see that the situation has become critical.Read More →

Fixing a hole First Published 04 November 2019 Whose rent surpluses are they anyway? David Hall on the review of the housing revenue account The recent announcement that the housing revenue account (HRA) subsidy system is to be reviewed presents a long-overdue opportunity to assess whether this system for managingRead More →

Over to you First Published 28 April 2022 Community land trusts have the potential to let people build the homes they need, where they need them, says Grant Shapps. For the housing crisis to be solved, we need to work with communities, not against them. The relationship whereby central governmentRead More →

Community best First Published 04 August 2015 Local involvement is vital if we’re to build the homes we need, says Grant Shapps The majority of MPs will, if questioned, list social housing as an issue that crops up time and again at their surgeries and in their mail. It isRead More →

Anyone for squash? First Published 02 January 2022 More bail-outs in the US and a shrinking UK mortgage market. Crunch and squeeze just aren’t strong enough to describe what’s going on, says Peter Williams In recent months, we have become desensitised by the scale of the credit crunch. The BankRead More →

Let tenants choose First Published 01 September 2000 Despite admirable aims, DETR proposals on rents have provoked outcry amongst housing professionals, and particularly registered social landlords. The government’s housing green paper rent proposals aim to hold social tenants’ rents at an affordable, below market, level, while making them fairer andRead More →

Don’t help bailiffs help themselves First Published 18 February 2022 People in debt need legal help, not threats, says Paul Nicolson. People struggling with debt have more to fear now bailiffs can legally break in to their homes to enforce fines. These powers will be increased to enforce all debtsRead More →

A grand plan First Published 19 October 2022 Danny Philips reports on how a project in Glasgow has prevented more than 1,000 evictions and given tenants in trouble the confidence to get their lives back on track The introduction of section 11 of the Homelessness etc. (Scotland) Act 2003 inRead More →

Help yourself First Published 18 June 2022 Jon Fitzmaurice started his career in small community-driven projects. Three decades on, he argues, the need for them is greater than ever. My career in housing started out unexpectedly in Birmingham in the mid-1970s. I’d been a social worker, toiling to change theRead More →