Being a part of the solution for the recycling issue

Being a part of the solution for the recycling issue


Being a part of the solution

The need for recycling has never been greater, the UK alone produces over 100 million tonnes of waste per year.

Combine this with its growing population and the shortage of landfill space and it is easy to see that the situation has become critical.

If each of us take responsibility for recycling our own rubbish, we can make a huge difference. Not just for our generation but for those to come.

Learning more about recycling

The best way to start recycling is to get into the habit as early as possible. Find out about other recycling schemes.

If there are children in your family let them take responsibility for sorting through their own waste and understanding which materials can be recycled.

For example excess food can go on a compost heap or slop bucket and newspapers and magazines can be placed in the grey recycling bin provided by your council

If recycling is to be successful than ease of access is crucial, so make sure the bins are conveniently placed for all members of the family. Click here for recycling collections.

Many customers find that a double compartment bin allows them to separate their rubbish in an instant and makes recycling quick, easy and automatic.

What about the bulkier items that you have?

There are many rubbish clearance companies that are willing to take away your bulky furniture and dispose of this safely so it can be recycled. Companies that are approved by the Environmental Agency have a commitment to recycle as much waste as possible, therefore reducing the amount sent to the landfill.

If you are located in Berkshire, we recommend Any Waste. You can be one of their hundreds of happy customers! Find out more.

Other services include:

  • Domestic collection
  • Commercial/trade work