Best Home Security Features

Entry Phone

Whether you live alone or in a family home, security measures are a must have. The latest innovation in home security is telephone intercoms and door entry systems. These are convenient appliances that are widely available in home automation.

There are a variety of door entry systems available that offer additional security for residents against unwanted visitors. For residential phone system installations, click here.

ACCL can install various types of entry phones, as well as integrated security systems that help to protect your family home. Call 0333 900 0101 for more information.

Alarm System

If you really want to up your home security features, you should consider installing an alarm system. As well as adding another layer of security, it could reduce your home insurance premiums in the long run. Best alarm systems.

Once your alarm system has been installed, you will need to take the necessary steps to activate the alarm and make sure it’s effective; this will also avoid invalidating your insurance.

You should make it a habit to set your alarm whenever you leave the house, as well as before you go to bed. Tip: if you struggle to remember, leave a note at the door or set reminders on your phone.

Smart Lighting

Burglars tend to operate at night or when nobody is home with the aim of being as discreet as possible. Motion sensor lighting is a great way to notify your family or neighbours to show that there has been movement right by your property. This can often be enough to put a burglar off. Best sensor lighting.

There are also automated lighting systems that come on at certain intervals, which make it look as if your home is occupied during prime burglary time. Click here.