Beyond the fringe First Published 20 October 2022 Westminster mole, LPW’s parliamentary correspondent reports The party conference season preceding a general election is an intense affair, particularly when a change of government is anticipated. Make no mistake, the gloves are off: MPs and candidates popping up at policy debates inRead More →

Here we go again First Published 18 February 2022 As the UK rides out its fourth housing slump since the Second World War, Petra Sitt puts the current downturn in its historical context. The housing slump which began in 2015 will make it hard to fulfil the target of twoRead More →

Lost leader First Published 04 November 2015 Caroline Flint steps out of the firing line Love her or loathe her, nobody can accuse Caroline Flint of failing to make an impression. In seven short months, she’s outraged the Left with her kite flying on worklessness, infuriated the Right by ignoringRead More →

Down, not under First Published 19 October 2022 The crunch may be far from over, but we will get through it if we all pull together, argue Peter Williams and Donald McKenzie A recent stint in Australia gave an indication of the different approaches taken by other countries in dealingRead More →

Wolf’s at the door First Published 01 January 2022 More and more families are coming to us for grants, says Helen Dent The poorest 10 per cent of the population is the hardest hit by rising inflation. For almost 140 years, Family Action (formerly the Family Welfare Association) has providedRead More →

Gutter press: Voice of the street First Published 20 October 2022 Now even the Daily Mail is being kind to squatters Ralph McTell lives on. ‘Speech Debelle rises from streets of London to win Mercury Prize,’ read the folk-loving Independent. When London rapper Debelle won the Mercury Music Prize withRead More →

Enough hot air First Published 23 October 2022 We need action, not another consultation exercise, if we’re to make the nation’s housing more energy efficient, says Tim Yeo The UK must cut its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 per cent by the middle of this century. That’s theRead More →

Numbers don’t add up First Published 12 January 2023 Immigration is not a cause for concern. What matters is its scale -and the lack of social housing, says Andrew Green No-one challenges the right of refugees to housing. What we are concerned about is the present scale of immigration -definedRead More →

Casualty of law First Published 23 October 2022 Reforms to legal aid have sparked heated debate in LPW. Joanne Marks joins the fray arguing that the proposed changes would seriously restrict the provision of housing advice Carolyn Regan makes two fascinating comments in her response (Letters, LPW September/October 2022) toRead More →

Landed in trouble First Published 18 February 2022 What the country needs is a national bank of reconstruction. Alan Greenspan’s admission that he might have made a mistake as head of the US Federal Reserve ranks as one of the world’s greatest understatements. What he and many others would notRead More →