How to find an Honest & Affordable Plumber and not be ripped off

87% of all Uk consumers feel they have been overcharged by a plumber in the last three year.

This article focuses on how to keep plumbing cost down and to improve your overall knowledge of what things should cost.

Most plumbers will charge between £40 and £80 per hour, but the total cost will depend on the job

What effects the prices

  • What plumbing systems are involved in your home
  • Ease of access to the job etc
  • If there are isolation valves in place with simple access
  • Whether they will need to drain the system before starting

General plumber costs and average plumber prices

As stated above, the average price for plumbers per hour is between £40-£80 although this, of course, depends on a number of factors including:

  • the kind of job you need doing
  • where you live
  • the difficulty of the job

In the UK, plumbers generally give you an hourly rate.

Sometimes plumbers will give you general pricing of the job you enquire about, but more commonly they will want to take a look at the job before they give you an estimate or hourly rate.

These prices do not include installation of appliances. You can expect to pay more if you need an installation.

Emergency plumber cost

Emergency plumbing is a 24/7 service, meaning they are available 24 hours a day all year round, including holidays, weekends and antisocial hours.

This, therefore, means that the prices will be increased.

Generally speaking, emergency plumbing jobs cost double, and sometimes as much as three times the hourly rate of general plumbing work.

You should assess whether your case is an emergency and choose a professional emergency plumbing service fully qualified to do your work.

How to price a common plumbing job in your head as a consumer

Unblocking toilets:

Price range - £80-£1150

Average price - £120

Replacing toilets:

Price range - £150- £320

Average - £220

Installing an electric shower:

Price range - £117 - £316

Average (most common) price: £162

Replacing a hot water tank:

Price range - £350 - £500

Average price - £400

Common questions our users ask

1. How much does it cost for a plumber to fix a leak?

Smaller leaks such as leaking taps can be fixed by general plumbers and so the cost would be a general rate.

Although you should always check their testimonials to see if they are experienced in that field.

A big leak would usually come under an emergency plumbing job.

You can expect to pay at least double your standard plumbing rate of roughly £60 per hour.

2. How much does a 24-hour plumber cost?

A 24-hour plumber is an emergency plumber. This again means that they will cost up to three times the standard rate.

Depending on the severity of the job, you can expect to pay over £100 per hour.

3. Do you tip a plumber?

You can choose to tip your plumber if they are just workers for a company. You should usually tip around 20% of the total cost.

If the plumber working on your job is the business owner you shouldn’t tip as they work out the cost for the business themselves.

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