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Professional Property Developers and private first time builders drive London property investment

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London offers the property developer or private property investor a wealth of building / owning opportunities. London house prices are always the highest in the country and demand far outstrips supply. As London;s property market is stable and flourishing foreign investment in property in the capital has grown 43% year on year since 2011. See: Middle Eastern investors spend millions in London in the Daily Mail Online.

It’s not only in the news, people are buying and renting property out seeing the UK as a safe place to invest their money.

Articles are appearing like Is it time to close the door to foreign buyers of British property? (The Guardian.) But in reality foriegn investment in the capital in negligible.

Your common investor is the builder create new homes or the first time developer who has seen a land or conversion opportunity and needs money to move fast. This is where the capital is uniquely placed to help the UK domestic investor. Local London firms like Hunter Finance and Zebra both offer money to private investors who cannot fund their project via the banks.